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Jim Craft

Well, I think I've got it!!! I'm no wiz at this but I have definitely got a few things working again. Hopefully this time I can keep it going!!!!

What's New

  • Added "Through the Eyes of a Child" with vocals to the mp3 player

  • Jingle Bell Jam 16 is coming!!
    Dec 7th at the Fleet Reserve Branch 91 the 16th Jingle Bell Jam will take place. This annual event brings together friends and entertainers for an afternoon of fun and fellowship. The end result is money raised for children all over North East Florida to have a Christmas they might not have had otherwise.So check it out on Facebook.

    What's Up Lately

  • Another year almost gone . All I can say is some of you are getting older!! It's getting close to the ime when we all need to stop and count our blessings. Always know that all of you are tops on my list!
  • WE will miss some of our regulars this year t the Jingle Bell Jam, but we must caryy on without them--and I do know how to cary on!! LOL
  • I think we are spending New Years Eve at the old home site again this year. Let us know if you want to stop by. Seems kind of cool to be here, but I do kind of miss all those costume changes!!------JIM
  • Heres what's coming up next
  • Friday ---10/24/2014---Macclenney Moose Lodge.9pm to 1am. This will be a party!!
  • Friday and Saturday--10/31/14--11/1/14--American Legion Post 137, San Juan Ave. Don't forget Friday Night dinner.
  • Friday-- 10/21/14--Oretega River Club--My first night there, come on out!!
  • Sunday--12/07/14-Jinglr Bell Jam 16.Fleet Reserve Branch 91 on Collins Rd.--The event of the Christmas season!

  • Click Here for information on the money raised by the JINGLE BELL JAM and the oganizations that it has supported

  • Through the Eyes of a Child

    This site, and the ongoing struggle to make it work, is dedicated to Robert Dillon Craft, the person who made this site possible. Robbie left us Dec. 16,2006. I don't think he knew how proud I was of him. I love him- I miss him. I don't know why he left, but I know this world isn't as good a place now that he's not in it. I love you son---DAD

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